Target Jumping On the Gadget Bandwagon

target copy

It seems Best Buy is facing increasing competition from the likes of Walmart and Target in the quest to attract the very profitable gadget shopper. Now Target has gone the extra step of showing their dedication, and will feature reviews from the tech site CNET in their stores, assisting customers with their purchasing decisions. Via Reuters:

Shoppers will see reviews of 28 products in Target stores and reviews of 300 products on Target’s website. In stores, televisions on display will also occasionally show videos featuring CNET Editors’ Picks for Target and how-to videos.

The partnership marks a bit of a shift for CNET, whose reviews are sometimes syndicated to places such as retailers’ websites but until now were not on store shelves.

“The goal of this is to really make purchase decisions easier during the holidays because this is the time when a lot of people may not be purchasing for themselves,” said Lindsey Turrentine, editor-in-chief of CNET Reviews.

I actually find this interesting on two fronts. One being the retail industry using “content” in a new promotional way–hopefully to bump up sales. And, two, the partnerships that may now result with other media outlets, seeking new promotional opportunities for their content. In particular the “how to” videos will mark a new vehicle for growth for both the store and the media industry.


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