Google News: Surpassing Print’s Ad Revenue and Plans for YouTube

Google’s ad revenue is now more than all U.S. print publications combined. However their quest to disrupt TV, as we know it, has fallen a little flat.

Not too long a go Google agreed to fund 100 new channels of original programming on YouTube, and it seemed a new revolution in programming was upon us. Needless to say, the revolution hasn’t happened, but maybe the keyword here is–yet. Youtube has a plan, and that plan involves a shift in viewers focus from the “video” to the “channel.” Via AP:

A simple glance at the site reveals how central the channels initiative is to YouTube. The fabric of the video behemoth – where 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute – has been reoriented to emphasize a user’s playlist of channels, a move that has increased channel subscribers by 50 percent, executives say. It may sound like a small tweak, but behind it is the mission to alter the very nature of YouTube.

“Up until now, the primary noun on YouTube has been video. You watch a video, you share a video, a video has view counts and so on,” Shishir Mehrotra, director of product management at YouTube, said in a separate interview. “We’re gradually shifting the site so the primary noun on the site is the channel, and you tune into the channels that you care about.”

And speaking of YouTube, Popular Mechanics recently discussed how exactly YouTube is able to process 72 hours of video in 1 minute, a seriously enormous task, especially when you think about how many views the recent “Gangnam Style” received–12.8 million.


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