CES Roundup


If you’re like me and didn’t attend CES, check out Popular Mechanic’s Editor’s Choice Awards to see what’s what. Of course, we’ve all debating whether CES is a giant waste of time, and CNBC’s article addresses just that, and comes to a conclusion I agree with (basically, CES still serves a purpose.) The smartphone revolution is successfully humming along, wireless technology is getting cheaper and better, and apps are developing in leaps and bounds–actually making practical sense. Could we be experiencing a privotal moment? My vote is yes, and though we may not see huge reveals every year, we’re on the way to smarter use of the technology we do have, leading to significant developments of their own.

CES 2013: Three Ups, Three Downs

Mashable’s Coverage

and of course, Snooki, answering a shoe phone. The real reason CES made headlines this year.


photo credit: ABC news


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