Chris Christie Isn’t Amused


Speaking of bad portraits….

Time magazine had the brilliant idea of portraying New Jersey’s Governer as a mob boss on this issue’s cover. I wasn’t privy to the edit meeting on this, but I’m assuming it went something like this….”hmmm, well he’s from New Jersey, and he’s kind of tough-guy like, and he is a little portly. Hey, let’s put him on the cover with the header “The Boss.” Done and done.

Christie was not amused. Remarking on the cover to Don Imus, he said, “I’m reporting Time magazine to the anti-Italian defamation league. I mean look at that thing. It says ‘boss’ underneath. I mean, come on. I can’t wait for that to come home for my kids to see it.”Time Managing Editor Rick Stengel claims the header was simply a “double entendre,” and this whole thing is really about Christie’s friendship with Bruce Springsteen (get it, “The Boss” ?), formed during Hurricane Sandy.

Of course! Why didn’t we all think of that “Boss?” You need to open your minds people and stop stereotyping tough, powerful politicians from New Jersey. Seriously, the real news here is how a politician can wear the hell out of a fleece, which is what Christie did. He showed fashion who’s boss, and during a super storm no less. Christie’s appearence on SNL was actually pretty well done–and funny. A much needed laugh during such a terrible event.



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