Uh, oh. Royal Portrait Artist Throws Shade at Duchess.


And when I say shade, I mean it. This portrait has more dark shadows than the cult soap opera of the same name. Wow. And P.S., to add insult to injury, the damn thing is HUGE! Which one critic said was a “jolly brave choice.” And you’re right about that, if bravery includes not caring that most people want to tear it down with their bare hands.

Artist Paul Emsley had the honor of painting the  Duchess of Cambridge for her royal portrait (supposedly this thing is going up in the National Portrait Gallery in London), but managed to capture a slightly less captivating image of the Duchess. Wouldn’t you have just loved to have been in the room when Catherine’s royal portrait was revealed? I can hear the audible gasps now, followed by Katherine’s polite “brilliant” remark through clenched teeth.You just know the Queen was behind this, she used to keeping everyone on a short leash (Good luck, Harry). For their part,the Brits seem share a “two snaps down–hated it!” opinion. Personally, I agree with Robin Simon, the editor of British Art Journal who remarked “it’s a great, great opportunity missed. The best thing you can say about it is that she doesn’t actually look like that.”

Dlisted suggested there just might be someone up for the task of fixing the royal portrait, and I think he might be on to something. That’s right Cecilia Gimenez, amateur art restorer, your services are needed again!


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