He Rehabilitates Celebrities and Trains People

droppedImagePut aside silly daily activities and feast your eyes on somebody who’s really getting things done: Christopher Gaida, a.k.a. “the Celebrity Whisperer.” If you’re a Hollywood player, you already know Gaida’s the Red Carpet’s secret weapon. That’s right, dude puts the “The Wolf” from Pulp Fiction to shame, he’s that good. He even wrote a book (see left) to detail his success.

With no official training, Gaida managed to wrangle celebrities who could otherwise harm themselves, or a team of handlers, by refusing to walk the red carpet (dramatic gasp!). In 2007, it looked like Megan Fox might act up for the Teen Choice awards. Somebody took out the red phone and speed dialed Giada, who saved the day. Gaida dug deep into his tool box of jedi-actor mind tricks and told Fox, “she was fantastic, that she looked great, to relax, everybody loves her.” As he says, “no b.s., just what I really, truly thought.” Gaida only operates in a no B.S. zone people.

And if you thought Gaida’s success with Fox was just luck, think again.  Gaida wrangled another star on the brink, Jessica Alba. Things also looked like they could take a turn for the worse for Alba at the Taurus World Stunt Awards. Always the professional, Gaida immediately identified the problem– Jessica’s fugly dress. The actress needed to get out of it asap. How did he know the answer? One word–her personality. The fun, effervescent Alba needed to show off more of her personality, and with a new, smaller dress that–as Gaida put it–had “sexy” and “shiny” characteristics. Does this guy have it down, or what?

He’s been the go to for Queens from Susan Lucci to Latifah, and now he has a book because–to put it bluntly–Gaida says it like it is. “They’re hiring me because they want my expertise,” he adds. “I feel like it’s my job to give my opinion.”

You know what they say about opinions. Here’s a clip of a real problem solver, and he’s already wearing a tux.


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