Nigellissima Gets it Right


Nigella Lawson knows food. And now she can add apps to the list. Lawson’s new iPad app (based on the book of the same name) is a must for serious foodies.

As the app’s name suggests, this is all about italian. Here, food takes center stage in stunning HD as Nigella walks us through her “Latin Loves” showing  “key” ingredients highlighted with 360-degree rotating images (so those pomegranates, prosecco, and panettone look even better).  Step-by-step instructions, an email option for shopping lists, and the diva’s own inspirations/advice  round out the app (though it couldn’t hurt if a few more recipes were included). To her credit, Lawson does update the app with seasonal recipes–a bit of a bonus. Her social feed is also easily accessed via one streamlined hub, keeping Nigella’s Twitter and Facebook a pleasure to view.

photo credit: Random House


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