Geraldo Could Be A Jersey Senator


Oh Geraldo, journalism just doesn’t appreciate you like it should. This is a man who faced skinheads, gotten his nose broken, and thought he was giving us the find of a century when he opened Al Capone’s vault. Turned out, not so much.


But the guy has heart, and we can dig it. This is a man who goes after the truth, with gusto. (though the hoody incident was not him at his best. Pulp does not approve). Now comes word Rivera may run for a Senate seat–from New Jersey no less–and good for him. Pulp did our research,  and found Rivera sticks to what works and doesn’t waver. This is a man who knows who he is. If the jacket looks good over the shoulder (see above), don’t change the formula. Same with the ‘stache. And news flash for Brooklyn: Geraldo has been rockin’ specialized facial hair long before you stunted Momma’s boys. FYI-He was born there in 1943. He can even wear the ‘stache pointing up, or down (once again, refer to above) Rivera can get away with both.

So could Geraldo could do a good job as a Senator? Pulp will withhold that opinion. But let’s face it, we’ve seen worse.


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