Time Inc. To Stand On Its Own, Can the Publisher Make It?


Michael Wolff has an interesting take. At this point, the extent (and ramifications) of poor leadership is apparent, but could the publisher emerge in the not to distant future as a viable media property? No doubt, additional magazines will be sold, and the company will need a CEO with a vision and “roll up the sleeves” attitude (and man, is that an understatement). But maybe, just maybe, there is a leader (somewhere) who is up for the challenge. Someone willing to actually be “a leader” (how many times have we seen people in the role of CEO who do nothing, run a company into the ground, then take the money and run. Ya, too many times).

Yes Time, Inc. will have a tough go of it, but the bottom line is the publisher still has successful magazines, and content–and the chance for a successful future. Now, more than ever, its up to the employees, and a new CEO, one willing to transform the publisher into a viable media company. The potential for failure looms large, but so does a chance for success.

Now Time, Inc. stands on its own–and on the precipice of truly entering the digital age for the first time. Will they grab it, or just fall in? No doubt, they’re currently the underdog in the industry.

But Americans love the success of an underdog.


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