Beyond Apple, Samsung Has Their Own Smartwatch


The image above is for the Samsung Proxima, designed by Johan Loekito the gadget dates back all the way to the dark ages of 2009. The Proxima illustrates Samsung’s long held desire to build a smartwatch of their own. But what would it include? Some ideas via RW:

Since the kernel of these smartwatches will be mobile OS based, we can assume some basic functionalities to be morphed from the smartphone environment. That would likely include data capabilities, a browser of some sort, notifications (for the likes of messaging and emails), perhaps voice capabilities and certain apps like maps, music and exercise.

To add some perspective to how far we’ve come, feast your eyes on the lastest in “smartwatch” technology circa 1949. The Steineck ABC Wristwatch Camera, as it was called, was capable of taking photographs while an agent (very) carefully aimed the wristwatch at the intended subject. The watch may look clunky by today’s standards, but the device was capable of producing up to eight exposures–impressive for the time period.



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