Peter Murphy Pulls A Lindsay Lohan

This story gave me a huge case of the sads, because you know, it’s Peter Murphy. Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. Sigh. Turns out the Goth God hasn’t outgrown his adolescence at the ripe ol’ age of 55. Arrested on charges of a hit-and-run and possession of meth, Murphy pled not guilty on Tuesday. I thought this story was bad enough until I read this little gem via the LA Times:

Murphy pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that he allegedly rear-ended a vehicle in Glendale and fled to Los Angeles, where an eyewitness blocked his Subaru until police arrived.

It’s bad enough we got that Twilight crap where vampires drive a Volvo (cause, you know, they’re safe and all). Now Peter Murphy is riding around in a Subaru. And he had to be blocked in–until police arrived. Uggghhhhh. Seriously, lets all light black candles, turn up “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” and say a prayer that Murphy puts down the meth, ditches the Subaru (the Goth equivalent of kryptonite), and looks in his rearview mirror to reflect. That’s right, Peter. Its time to re-apply the black lipstick and remember who you are. Goth is counting on you.


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