Business Insider Talks Success In The Digital Age


Considered a digital success story itself, Business Insider has grown from reporting tech/Wall Street news–to covering subjects ranging from politics, retail, and military news. Executive Editor Joe Weisenthal and Deputy Editor Nicholas Carlson spoke at the Spring National College Media Convention, and dropped some tips about succeeding in the age of digital journalism.

Among them: forget about standalone articles–keep the narrative flowing; promote, promote, promote (here’s to the power of social media), think instant message when establishing tone, and don’t be afraid to tell reader’s you’re excited. And while you’re at it, you might as well work to become a business journalist. As Weisenthal commented, “My opinion is that business journalism is the best,” he said.

See the tips in full:

“How to Succeed at Business Insider — and Digital Journalism — By Really Trying.”


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