Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200


Pictured above is Alec Monopoly (who likes to keep his true identity under wraps), the Graffiti Artist recently put on his first show in LA’s LAB ART Gallery.  Called “Park Place,” the entire gallery (inside and out) was turned into a life-size Monopoly board game.  Alec’s graffiti utilizes icons from the game, including “Uncle” Pennybags, to suggest that in the real world, the road to success is much like a game of Monoply. Says Alec, “sometimes the things that causes us hardship, could be very well, the thing that gets us out of that hardship.”

Alex sold one of the paintings in the show for $3 million……in Monopoly money.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

images via PBS and LAB Art Gallery, Alec Monopoly/Instagram, and Flickr


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