90’s Punk Flashback-Action Swingers

Punk band Action Swingers released a 7” for “Miserable Life,” available now…while you can get it. Via GaragePunk Hideout:

Action Swingers were pretty much the gnarliest of the whole 90’s punk resurgence scene.  Filled with bile and hate and crafting the nastiest catchiest songs of that scene.  Led by Ned Hayden and a rotating cast of characters including Bob Bert( Sonic Youth), Julia Cafritz (Pussy Galore) J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) and Johan Kugleberg (KBD compiler, record hunter extraordinaire) to name a few.  Miserable Life may very well have been their crowning moment and the fact that is was only ever released on a CD compilation of their early singles and unreleased tracks is completely mind boggling.  Well we have corrected the sins of our past and put this and another unreleased to vinyl track from the same time period, “Losing My Cool”, which features j Mascis on drums.  THese are two cranked up, crude, pummeling hits, and its great to finally hear these two songs on the superior format of vinyl.  This single is limited to 500 copies, and once this pressing is gone there will be no repress.



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