The King(s) Of Queens

So, while journalism’s A-list partied with the who’s who of Hollywood for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, I gracefully wiped my tears of jealousy away, and tried to bring my dvr back to life  by finally watching (and erasing) a multitude of old shows. And I’m so glad I did. In a sea of boring programming, one glittering gem stood out–and cast shade–above all the rest: “Fashion Queens.”

These Queens give out the real awards, honey.  Derek J, Miss Lawrence, and Bevy Smith had me at hello as they spilled the tea, discussed who’s ratchet, and gave out the “Gag Award” (see above). Count me in as a fan. Why these three weren’t invited to the Correspondents’ Dinner is beyond me, but God knows they would’ve slayed it, and given some serious side eye to all those stunt queens in the process. Miss Lawrence even has the most perfect song for more than a few of our politicians (and yes, I’m reading!).

So in honor of my new favorite Fashion Queens–I’ve included pics of their fabulousness below. Who wants to see all the fakery at the Correspondents’ Dinner when we have these three?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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