Tubs of Fun Takes Man’s Life Savings, Rasta Banana Serves As Consolation Prize

Can someone please put this man’s tragedy to song, preferably with a banjo?

Perhaps you’ve already heard the legend of Henry Gribbohm. The New Hampshire resident lost his entire life savings on the Tubs of Fun game at a traveling carnival. America collectively moaned, and everybody shook their head from side to side when Henry’s story made it to national news. I was trying to figure out how the hell someone could lose their entire life savings while at a carnival? Turns out, Henry just knew he’d be able to win the Tubs of Fun prize– an Xbox Kinect–and wasn’t taking no for an answer. Sinking more money into the game–as every ball tossed in came right back out–he finally ran out of funds. The McGyver of solutions, Henry knew exactly what the situation called for–and dude went back home and got more money: in the amount of his WHOLE life savings. Thus, the game continued, until he finally spent $2,600–and he just wanted to get his $300 back!

I’m not sure how Henry’s wife responded to this, but I can only imagine how thrilled she was when their savings account read “0.0,” and Henry showed up the proud owner of a Rasta Banana consolation prize (the carnival actually did give him $600 back as well). An investigation is currently underway, because someone didn’t give Henry the memo: carnival games, for the most part, are rigged.

If I could, I would place the gif here of my Dad saying–with extreme disappointment–”America’s Finest.” Yes the story of Henry Gribbohm is truly a sad one.


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