Toyota’s Concept Car, ME.WE


Huh. So Toyota has a new concept car in the works called ME.WE, and pretty much everybody thinks its….well, ugly. The four door all-utility-vehicle was designed by French architect Jean-Mare Massaud, and boasts some pretty series claims–mainly, that the car will solve our ecological and social crises. The jury is out on that one for now, but the car does have some interesting features. The motors are actually located in the wheels, which is different, and the batteries are in the floor, so you could pack a lot of people into this little car. One feature which seems to fall in the “did we really need that” column is a windsheild that rolls down.

You know what though, there’s a french word which comes to mind right now, and it’s pronounced déjà vu, because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this “environmentally friendly” car before. For your consideration:

Looks like a certain group of engineers in Aichi, Japan need to have an emergency meeting.


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