Film Notes: Spielberg To Direct Bradley Cooper In ‘American Sniper’ & ‘Room 237’ Takes a Closer Look At Kubrick


The film will be based on Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s autobiography, who’s sniper skills earned him the nickname “Devil of Ramadi” during the Iraq War. Tragically, Kyle was killed earlier this year by another soldier suffering from PTSD, who shot him at a gun range.

I haven’t been such a huge fan of Spielberg as of late (although in all fairness I haven’t seen Lincoln), the director has proved he is adept at handling war films, but I’m wondering how he’ll handle a modern war film.  Maybe I just never recovered from AI. Thank God Kubrick wasn’t alive to see that trainwreck on film.

Speaking of Kubrick, make sure you check out Room 237, a fascinating film analyzing the visual elements of The Shining–and revealing possible hidden meanings. You may not believe every possible explanation, but trust me, there is enough in there to keep you interested.


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