Uh-Oh. Someone Beat Tyson Beckford To The “Camo” Look


So I thought I was done with my Met Gala coverage and then I saw the glory of Tyson Beckford in a camo Tux. Ummm Hmmmm. Now its my turn to give a side-eye because I hate to break it to Mr. Beckford, but a certain family in Georgia already “owns” the camo look for formal attire. Cue Mr. Beckford running into the men’s room at the gala for a good cry as he stares into the mirror and dramatically rips his coat off. Someone needs to fire their stylist.

That’s right, none other than Honey Boo Boo’s clan–Momma June and Sugar Bear got to this look first. Hater’s gonna hate. Don’t worry Ty Ty, you still have your hotness. Sooo much hotness.





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