Donald Trump Wants To Fund Your Next ‘Big Thing’


Ok, so not really. But in a round about way, yes. ‘The Donald’ may not be flexible enough to change hairstyles, but the real estate mavin can recognize a good thing when he sees it, and he’s hot to get into the whole crowdfunding thing.

So, he’s starting up the site FundAnything, and its bound to be “huuuuge” (see, it looks like he’s even saying huuuuge above). As a matter of fact, the banner on the site features Trump with the statement “I’m giving away MONEY!” Ya, right. Tech Advisor Rachel Sklar calls BS on this:

“ seems to open with at best a misrepresentation, at worst a lie: a picture of Donald Trump with the tagline ‘I’m giving away MONEY!'” she said. “Nowhere on the site is there any indication that Donald Trump is contributing, donating, matching or otherwise giving any money to anyone. It very clearly states that you can raise money from your network, for which the site will collect a fee.”

Currently, the only people Trump has given away money to are Bill Zanker (Learning Annex Founder) and two entrepreneurs–Scott Tilson and Jeno Torocsik, all three of whom helped start FundAnything. However, Trump was scheduled to give away three suitcases today at the Trump Tower, claiming each would be filled with domino’s pizza cash (no amount disclosed), they would be handled out to an individual with a life-threatening medical problem, a business owner wiped out by Superstorm Sandy, and an aspiring singer-songwriter. Update: based on the site, it appears he has already done this.

See, everybody needs to relax, Trump is just a business man keepin’ his eye on the business.


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