I Got “Reg Rolled” And Enjoyed It

I guess the weather for Memorial Day weekend didn’t get the memo (it’s supposed to be nice!) because we’re going to be seeing some serious rain this weekend, as in alllllll weekend long, and I am totally bummed. One bright spot though, it is supposed to be sunny on Memorial Day, so there is that (insert polite golf claps here).

This week has been Comedy Week on Youtube, and I must admit I’m way behind getting my comedy fix on all the funny videos. Last night I cracked up watching Tim & Eric do what they do best for their “Goatee” music video (…”there’s no need for hair….just a perfect O”). But my finest moment came when I had the pleasure of getting rick rolled–excuse me–reg rolled by none other than Reggie Watts.

Update: well, this is some next level stuff, Reggie Watts does a TED Talk. And I guess this is mainly only an update for me, as this was posted almost a year a go. Enjoy if you haven’t seen it yet.


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