Wolf Blitzer To CNN: Why Didn’t You Say This Was About The Hunk Factor?


I’m hearing from my sources (ok, the news) that the Original Grey Fox, Wolf Blitzer (that’s right, sit down Anderson Cooper) might be on the chopping block at the news network. The reason behind such a nonsensical decision? The network wants to bring in the beef cake to get those ratings back up, up, up. 

Dios Mio! Don’t they see the talent that they have? I mean, in this day and age, isn’t it enough that Wolf has one of the coolest names in cable news, a coiffed head of perfect grey hair (that’s all-natural folks), and enough quick-as-lightening zingers to disarm a viper system? Does no one remember his epic journalistic work while getting to the bottom of the balloon boy fiasco which gripped our nation not too long a go? How quickly we forget.

Well, Wolf, I didn’t forget. I understand that you’re a man of class and grace, and a real “journalist,” who has never lowered himself to “beef cake” status just to get the public’s attention.  Sure, CNN is denying they would ever do this to you, and they should. Shame on them. Since joining CNN in 1990, you’ve pulled in numerous awards and you’ve proven to be a journalist who loves his craft. This is no way to treat a respected news veteran.

All newscasters know there will come a day when a younger, prettier, more muscly, version of themselves will be eyeballed to take their place. It’s just part of the deal. But this news reeks just the same. I hope CNN will reconsider, and let Wolf finish his time with the network in a more dignified manner than this.


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