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Disney Classics Get Mashed On Vine


Nick Mastodon has taken his sense of humor to vine, where it has grown substantially. The former computer techie became quite the artist as of late, mashing up old Disney Movies with well known Top 40 hits. And, oh yeah, he sometimes wears a Teletubbie costume. Annoying or Genius? Either way, he got our attention. Bonus points for a cool last name.


Tamagotchi Is An App Now


If you hated Tamagotchis way back when, then stop reading right now, because the toys are back– brought back from the dead like Frankenstein’s Monster.

Now available as an Android App, the virtual pet can be taken care of like never before. Wired hilariously reviews, with a level of high annoyance, the reality of caring for the little digital pet all over again.

Nigellissima Gets it Right


Nigella Lawson knows food. And now she can add apps to the list. Lawson’s new iPad app (based on the book of the same name) is a must for serious foodies.

As the app’s name suggests, this is all about italian. Here, food takes center stage in stunning HD as Nigella walks us through her “Latin Loves” showing  “key” ingredients highlighted with 360-degree rotating images (so those pomegranates, prosecco, and panettone look even better).  Step-by-step instructions, an email option for shopping lists, and the diva’s own inspirations/advice  round out the app (though it couldn’t hurt if a few more recipes were included). To her credit, Lawson does update the app with seasonal recipes–a bit of a bonus. Her social feed is also easily accessed via one streamlined hub, keeping Nigella’s Twitter and Facebook a pleasure to view.

photo credit: Random House

DKNY’s New App Takes You Behind the Seams


Every since JLo’s “it” dress–that unforgettable green Versace number–designers craving a breakthrough moment treat Awards season (whether Golden or Oscar) as an opportunity to shine.

However, creating the perfect dress, and pairing it with a likewise perfect celebrity, involves increasingly intricate planning and mastery of the smallest of details. DKNY’s new app “Celebrity Dressing 2.0” puts you in the designer’s seat, providing a glimpse of the entire creative process–starting with sources of inspiration, to matching thread shades, and culminating in the final reveal. To gain access to the app, show your love on Facebook and “like” DKNY, then sit back and have fun.

Summly: Algos Tell The Story

You may have head about the increasing utilization of algorithms to benefit (or streamline) our daily existence, adding efficiency to just about every task we do. Used heavily on the stock market, they’re proved to be a risky–and unpredictable–tool to increase financial returns, and now they’re being used to tell us today’s news, efficiently of course.

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App Love: Cloth.

I can’t say I fall into the category of needing extra storage space for my clothes and shoes (not yet, at least), and for now I’ve  made the best of a newly shared closet. As a result, I’ll often forget about a pair of shoes that went great with “those” jeans, or a scarf, or hat, I should’ve worn more, that ultimately got lost in a tumble of accessories. Catorgized pics certainly make it easier to remember I have them, and help make the most of my humble fashion closet.

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