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BitTorrent Moves Closer To Being A Legit Content Company, Introduces Bundle

BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer file sharing company wants to gain respect as a paid content provider, so the San Francisco based company has introduced Bundle, a ‘gated’ torrent which includes free content, but also “acts as a gateway to additional material, offering creators a chance to distribute (and profit from) their work by themselves, outside of traditional methods.”

Named one of 2013’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, BitTorrent has been hoping to change their current reputation in the entertainment industry, and in particular, change how Hollywood views their service, as they move to legitimize, and monetize, content published through the site. And they’d be stupid not to, the site is used by over 170 million users, all of which are hungry for an enormous–and diverse–amount of content. Recently, Indie film studio, Cinedigm put the first seven minutes of the film Aurthur Newman on the site, in a move to promote the film before it hit theaters.  Author TIm Ferriss and musical artists Kaskade, and Death Grips, have also utilized the site with much success.


Winona Ryder Looking Amazing For Interview Magazine


Ryder recently sat down with the mag for a chat and in addition to giving good face for some pics, revealed a Casting Director once stopped her mid-audition and spit out this turd of a statement: “Listen, kid. You should not be an actress. You are not pretty enough. You should go back to wherever you came from and you should go to school. You don’t have it.”

Winona was only 15 or 16 years old at the time–if any of us remember being that age, you’re pretty impressionable. I hope that Director is somewhere collecting unemployment right now. The interview has other noteworthy items–Ryder touches on working with Gary Oldman in Dracula (who she said was “going through a hard time”), and mentions Ethan Hawke when she worked with him on Reality Bites (“I didn’t dislike him”).

I hope she accepts more roles, I’ve always been a huge fan (check her out with Cher in Mermaids, which is totally a chick flick).

Uh-Oh. Someone Beat Tyson Beckford To The “Camo” Look


So I thought I was done with my Met Gala coverage and then I saw the glory of Tyson Beckford in a camo Tux. Ummm Hmmmm. Now its my turn to give a side-eye because I hate to break it to Mr. Beckford, but a certain family in Georgia already “owns” the camo look for formal attire. Cue Mr. Beckford running into the men’s room at the gala for a good cry as he stares into the mirror and dramatically rips his coat off. Someone needs to fire their stylist.

That’s right, none other than Honey Boo Boo’s clan–Momma June and Sugar Bear got to this look first. Hater’s gonna hate. Don’t worry Ty Ty, you still have your hotness. Sooo much hotness.




Punk At This Year’s Met Gala


So the theme for this year’s Met Gala was Punk: From Chaos to Couture and some ladies just weren’t bringin’ it. I mean, black and white gowns are chic and everything, but this year’s theme was PUNK! I was surprised Gwen Stefani played it so safe, same for Katie Perry too (although I did include her pic because, she still rocked “a look.” Now Madge, of course, went there. I can’t say it was the “winning” look of the evening–but girlfriend went for it, and I can respect that. At least she wasn’t boring at a Gala that had a Punk theme! Geesh.

Click on for pics of those who took chances, or at least in Pulp’s opinion–had a look that worked for them.

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Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200


Pictured above is Alec Monopoly (who likes to keep his true identity under wraps), the Graffiti Artist recently put on his first show in LA’s LAB ART Gallery.  Called “Park Place,” the entire gallery (inside and out) was turned into a life-size Monopoly board game.  Alec’s graffiti utilizes icons from the game, including “Uncle” Pennybags, to suggest that in the real world, the road to success is much like a game of Monoply. Says Alec, “sometimes the things that causes us hardship, could be very well, the thing that gets us out of that hardship.”

Alex sold one of the paintings in the show for $3 million……in Monopoly money.

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images via PBS and LAB Art Gallery, Alec Monopoly/Instagram, and Flickr

Rare Irving Klaw Photos Were Up For Auction

Rare pinup and movie stills belonging to Irving Klaw were auctioned this past weekend in NYC. Guernsey’s auction included photos from Klaw’s work with Betty Page, and stills collected as part of the Movie Star News Collection (which showcased photos of Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, and James Dean to name a few). Click above to see larger.

Klaw was in hot water in Washington over his Page photos, earning him a special invite (if you will) to attend hearings on pornography. The photographer would tragically destroy 80% of his negatives and prints–and only his sister had the foresight to save some of the best images of Page.

images via the movie star news auction/guernseys

Think You Can Create A Better Magazine? So Does Flipboard

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 2.28.42 PM

Flipboard has evolved, and the news reader now allows users to take bookmarked content and create their own digital magazine, which can be shared or kept private. The virtual magazine has arrived. Via Wired:

In true Flipboard style, once you’ve flipped a tweet, blog post, Instagram or anything else you want to share, the app organizes it into a browsable editorial spread, complete with a cover featuring a large lead image. You can tweak things like the cover image, if you choose, and since Flipboard added audio in May, you can even flip in music or podcasts to create a soundtrack to your magazine, a nice way to set the tone of your creation.

The app could prove to be a great avenue for advertisers to promote just about anything–building content around their product. For now, the app is IOS-only, with one in the works for Android. In the interim, Android users can still read the magazines.

image via flipboard