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Wolf Blitzer To CNN: Why Didn’t You Say This Was About The Hunk Factor?


I’m hearing from my sources (ok, the news) that the Original Grey Fox, Wolf Blitzer (that’s right, sit down Anderson Cooper) might be on the chopping block at the news network. The reason behind such a nonsensical decision? The network wants to bring in the beef cake to get those ratings back up, up, up. 

Dios Mio! Don’t they see the talent that they have? I mean, in this day and age, isn’t it enough that Wolf has one of the coolest names in cable news, a coiffed head of perfect grey hair (that’s all-natural folks), and enough quick-as-lightening zingers to disarm a viper system? Does no one remember his epic journalistic work while getting to the bottom of the balloon boy fiasco which gripped our nation not too long a go? How quickly we forget.

Well, Wolf, I didn’t forget. I understand that you’re a man of class and grace, and a real “journalist,” who has never lowered himself to “beef cake” status just to get the public’s attention.  Sure, CNN is denying they would ever do this to you, and they should. Shame on them. Since joining CNN in 1990, you’ve pulled in numerous awards and you’ve proven to be a journalist who loves his craft. This is no way to treat a respected news veteran.

All newscasters know there will come a day when a younger, prettier, more muscly, version of themselves will be eyeballed to take their place. It’s just part of the deal. But this news reeks just the same. I hope CNN will reconsider, and let Wolf finish his time with the network in a more dignified manner than this.


Internet Week In NYC And The Future Of Media Discussion


This week is Internet Week New York (which kicked off on this past Monday, the 20th, so my apologies for the late post, but don’t fret if you’d still like to attend, events are scheduled to run until the 27th). You can find a full run down of the schedule here.

Last night Patrick Phillips, founder/editor of I Want Media, hosted the sixth annual The Future of Media panel discussion, and this year’s attendees consisted of Editor/CEO of Business Insider, Henry Blodget; CEO/CTO Salon Media Group Cindy Jeffers; Founder/CEO of Buzzfeed, Jonah Peretti; President/Co-Creator of HuffPost Live, Roy Sekoff; and CEO of the New York Times Company, Mark Thompson.

If you weren’t able to attend, a video has been posted on the I Want Media site.  Hot on the table for discussion were the topics of the value of video (how much is too much, BI’s Blodget thought HuffPo’s 12 hr. live feed is too much, and I agree), Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr, and a consensus regarding the new way people get their news (i.e. breaking news always through Twitter, and longer form–verified news–through other news sources). The good news is that there is still a place, and a need, for quality journalism in the digital age.

I thought Mark Thompson’s plans to engage subscribers of the NYTimes with various live events was very smart–both for further branding the NYT, and for recognizing the value of subscribers to further grow content (via new platforms). I believe in the digital age subscribers want to be recognized as valuable, and should be viewed as a brand’s “community,” capable of producing its own content (an idea your seeing more online news sites try to do such as Gawker and, of course, BuzzFeed).

Zach Galifianakis Is Awesome

That was kind of lazy header wasn’t it? But really, ZG is just awesome in general. Let’s review the evidence: his recent Rock Center Interview with Brian Williams, the fact he lives under the radar in North Carolina (or did, until recently), or how about the fact he befriended a woman from a laundrymat when he first moved to Hollywood (almost 20 years a go), and put her up in an apartment recently when he found out she was homeless, annnnd brought her to the premiere of The Hangover 3.

Phew. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. ZG’s “Between Two Ferns,” has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. I can’t wait to see him ham it up with B. Coop and the rest of the gang for Hangover 3 (if you read this site, you already know I’m also a huge fan of Ken Jeong).

Boxfish App Is Twitter For Your TV


I am in love with the Boxfish app, which shows a live feed of all my cable channels (categorized, such as news, sports, lifestyle), and let’s me easily peruse what I’m missing. The app even allows you to search in real-time and then changes the channel to the results as you want to view. It’s literally an index of your TV and it’s brilliant.

BitTorrent Moves Closer To Being A Legit Content Company, Introduces Bundle

BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer file sharing company wants to gain respect as a paid content provider, so the San Francisco based company has introduced Bundle, a ‘gated’ torrent which includes free content, but also “acts as a gateway to additional material, offering creators a chance to distribute (and profit from) their work by themselves, outside of traditional methods.”

Named one of 2013’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, BitTorrent has been hoping to change their current reputation in the entertainment industry, and in particular, change how Hollywood views their service, as they move to legitimize, and monetize, content published through the site. And they’d be stupid not to, the site is used by over 170 million users, all of which are hungry for an enormous–and diverse–amount of content. Recently, Indie film studio, Cinedigm put the first seven minutes of the film Aurthur Newman on the site, in a move to promote the film before it hit theaters.  Author TIm Ferriss and musical artists Kaskade, and Death Grips, have also utilized the site with much success.

Margaret Ruth Groening, The “Real Life” Marge Simpson Passes Away


For those of us who don’t know (and until now I fell into this category), the creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, based Marge Simpson on his mother, Margaret. Margaret passed away recently on April 22, and her obituary will bring a tear to your eye and make you smile at the same time. Note: Simpson’s fans will find some additional names which may sound familiar.

Tubs of Fun Takes Man’s Life Savings, Rasta Banana Serves As Consolation Prize

Can someone please put this man’s tragedy to song, preferably with a banjo?

Perhaps you’ve already heard the legend of Henry Gribbohm. The New Hampshire resident lost his entire life savings on the Tubs of Fun game at a traveling carnival. America collectively moaned, and everybody shook their head from side to side when Henry’s story made it to national news. I was trying to figure out how the hell someone could lose their entire life savings while at a carnival? Turns out, Henry just knew he’d be able to win the Tubs of Fun prize– an Xbox Kinect–and wasn’t taking no for an answer. Sinking more money into the game–as every ball tossed in came right back out–he finally ran out of funds. The McGyver of solutions, Henry knew exactly what the situation called for–and dude went back home and got more money: in the amount of his WHOLE life savings. Thus, the game continued, until he finally spent $2,600–and he just wanted to get his $300 back!

I’m not sure how Henry’s wife responded to this, but I can only imagine how thrilled she was when their savings account read “0.0,” and Henry showed up the proud owner of a Rasta Banana consolation prize (the carnival actually did give him $600 back as well). An investigation is currently underway, because someone didn’t give Henry the memo: carnival games, for the most part, are rigged.

If I could, I would place the gif here of my Dad saying–with extreme disappointment–”America’s Finest.” Yes the story of Henry Gribbohm is truly a sad one.

Martha Stewart Is Looking For A Good Thing (Wink, Wink)


In case your eyeballs weren’t sure, yes that is Martha Stewart above, and yes, she’s burnin’ up your monitor with “the look.” Martha Stewart appeared on Today with Matt Lauer in what I can only imagine is the ultimate promotion for, and discussed online dating and signing up for Match in the “spirit of adventure.”

Pushed by Matt to describe what kind of relationship she’s looking for, Martha replied, “I’d like to have breakfast with somebody, I’d like to go to bed with somebody.” And as if that didn’t clue us in, Martha continued, “Sleep with somebody.”

This is a woman who knows what she wants, and good for her to go after it. I’ve always been a fan of Martha, and honestly would we all be so surprised if an attractive, successful, and single 71 year-old man was looking for love? Ya, no we would not. So, just for the heck of it, I googled “Martha Stewart Sexy”, and let me just say there are many sides to this Domestic Diva, many sides. More pics below, because the sexiness just continues……Go get your man, Martha!

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The King(s) Of Queens

So, while journalism’s A-list partied with the who’s who of Hollywood for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, I gracefully wiped my tears of jealousy away, and tried to bring my dvr back to life  by finally watching (and erasing) a multitude of old shows. And I’m so glad I did. In a sea of boring programming, one glittering gem stood out–and cast shade–above all the rest: “Fashion Queens.”

These Queens give out the real awards, honey.  Derek J, Miss Lawrence, and Bevy Smith had me at hello as they spilled the tea, discussed who’s ratchet, and gave out the “Gag Award” (see above). Count me in as a fan. Why these three weren’t invited to the Correspondents’ Dinner is beyond me, but God knows they would’ve slayed it, and given some serious side eye to all those stunt queens in the process. Miss Lawrence even has the most perfect song for more than a few of our politicians (and yes, I’m reading!).

So in honor of my new favorite Fashion Queens–I’ve included pics of their fabulousness below. Who wants to see all the fakery at the Correspondents’ Dinner when we have these three?

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