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Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton Are Beefing In Public


Thanks to twitter, fights between pop stars, wannabes, Kardashians, and of course low rent news anchors (cough cough, Katie Couric) can be viewed for all of us to salivate over.

Let’s face it the world has bigger problems, but its fascinating to watch the twist and turns of a knock down twitter fight. There is an art form to doing it right. Will Gaga and Perez reach that point? Only time will tell. Yes, these are the days of of lives…..

In my humble opinion, Gaga has a stinker on her hands and she really needs to stop trying to compete with Katy Perry. She’s a totally different kind of artist (though still pop) and she’s definitely trying waaaaayyyyy tooooo hard lately.


No Host For VMA’s. But No One Knows What’s Going On Even With A Host


So tired of MTV. What a played out channel. Hope Vice obliterates what’s left of their audience (even though I find Vice irritating too). Read about this stank news story here.

Sorry, it’s Monday, I’m in a grumpy mood.

Gaga Gets Naked For “Art”

Anybody else tired of this whole celebrities show up and suddenly they’re “art” thing? I actually find Marina Abramović really interesting, but this thing with Gaga….I don’t know, and that crap with Jay Z, it was seriously awkward to watch. Mainly, I’m referencing this hot mess, and this, and (yawn) of course this had to happen, cause he’s Jay Z, in an art gallery. So crazy, right? It’s all so very lame. Somebody pointed out (I can’t remember who) that basically Jay ain’t doing anything Andy Warhol didn’t do back in the day with his collaboration with many, many a celebrity. Hmmmm. Let me think about that….ya, NO. NO. NO. NO.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Jay Z (and we’re talking from back in the day stuff), but truly the closest this guy will come to “creating art” is if he paints “ego” on a canvas and frames it for all to see. Otherwise, sorry Hova, it’s I’m just not feelin’ it.

I Got “Reg Rolled” And Enjoyed It

I guess the weather for Memorial Day weekend didn’t get the memo (it’s supposed to be nice!) because we’re going to be seeing some serious rain this weekend, as in alllllll weekend long, and I am totally bummed. One bright spot though, it is supposed to be sunny on Memorial Day, so there is that (insert polite golf claps here).

This week has been Comedy Week on Youtube, and I must admit I’m way behind getting my comedy fix on all the funny videos. Last night I cracked up watching Tim & Eric do what they do best for their “Goatee” music video (…”there’s no need for hair….just a perfect O”). But my finest moment came when I had the pleasure of getting rick rolled–excuse me–reg rolled by none other than Reggie Watts.

Update: well, this is some next level stuff, Reggie Watts does a TED Talk. And I guess this is mainly only an update for me, as this was posted almost a year a go. Enjoy if you haven’t seen it yet.

BitTorrent Moves Closer To Being A Legit Content Company, Introduces Bundle

BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer file sharing company wants to gain respect as a paid content provider, so the San Francisco based company has introduced Bundle, a ‘gated’ torrent which includes free content, but also “acts as a gateway to additional material, offering creators a chance to distribute (and profit from) their work by themselves, outside of traditional methods.”

Named one of 2013’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, BitTorrent has been hoping to change their current reputation in the entertainment industry, and in particular, change how Hollywood views their service, as they move to legitimize, and monetize, content published through the site. And they’d be stupid not to, the site is used by over 170 million users, all of which are hungry for an enormous–and diverse–amount of content. Recently, Indie film studio, Cinedigm put the first seven minutes of the film Aurthur Newman on the site, in a move to promote the film before it hit theaters.  Author TIm Ferriss and musical artists Kaskade, and Death Grips, have also utilized the site with much success.

Diplo + Skrillex=Jack U


The awesomeness that is Diplo and Skrillex is coming together on a new project named Jack U. The duo will perform as Jack U for the upcoming Mad Decent Block Parties in San Diego on 9/15.

Skrillex has had his hands full as of late, headlining at the Sonar festival in Spain and also appearing in Kraftwerk’s 3D show scheduled for 6/14. Diplo’s Major Lazer just released a second album, “Free The Universe.” And of course, how could we forget his current collaboration with Snoop Dog on a reggae album.

I’m interested. If you are too, check out more details at NME

Random Video Grab

Remember Mortal Kombat (man, I’m dating myself here). Here’s a video mashup of the MK characters dancing to Gangnam Style. Where were these guys when I was commuting into the city?

(ugh. why does youtube always have to screen grab any salacious shots that are in a video)

90’s Punk Flashback-Action Swingers

Punk band Action Swingers released a 7” for “Miserable Life,” available now…while you can get it. Via GaragePunk Hideout:

Action Swingers were pretty much the gnarliest of the whole 90’s punk resurgence scene.  Filled with bile and hate and crafting the nastiest catchiest songs of that scene.  Led by Ned Hayden and a rotating cast of characters including Bob Bert( Sonic Youth), Julia Cafritz (Pussy Galore) J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) and Johan Kugleberg (KBD compiler, record hunter extraordinaire) to name a few.  Miserable Life may very well have been their crowning moment and the fact that is was only ever released on a CD compilation of their early singles and unreleased tracks is completely mind boggling.  Well we have corrected the sins of our past and put this and another unreleased to vinyl track from the same time period, “Losing My Cool”, which features j Mascis on drums.  THese are two cranked up, crude, pummeling hits, and its great to finally hear these two songs on the superior format of vinyl.  This single is limited to 500 copies, and once this pressing is gone there will be no repress.