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And Just Like That Jeff Bezos Buys The Washington Post


The staff, of course, isn’t taking it lightly….read the open letter to the Amazon mogul here….


Rolling Stone’s Bomber Cover Did Well For Them


Like it or not, the magazine sold 13, 232 copies, more than double the average from the year before. However, the gains seem more modest when you realize only 5 percent of the magazine’s circulation is from retail.

Village Voice Sees The End Of An Era


How bad are things over at The Voice? So bad, they’re getting rid of their A-list players. Plans for layoffs were confirmed last week when two top editors resigned (in part to protest the planned layoffs). Now this week the cuts came down, and wow, just wow. The Voice has seen fit to let go nightlife columnist Michael Musto, food critic Robert Sietsema, and theater critic Michael Feingold.

Everyone is saying it, let me add my voice to the mix–it’s the end of an era.



Winona Ryder Looking Amazing For Interview Magazine


Ryder recently sat down with the mag for a chat and in addition to giving good face for some pics, revealed a Casting Director once stopped her mid-audition and spit out this turd of a statement: “Listen, kid. You should not be an actress. You are not pretty enough. You should go back to wherever you came from and you should go to school. You don’t have it.”

Winona was only 15 or 16 years old at the time–if any of us remember being that age, you’re pretty impressionable. I hope that Director is somewhere collecting unemployment right now. The interview has other noteworthy items–Ryder touches on working with Gary Oldman in Dracula (who she said was “going through a hard time”), and mentions Ethan Hawke when she worked with him on Reality Bites (“I didn’t dislike him”).

I hope she accepts more roles, I’ve always been a huge fan (check her out with Cher in Mermaids, which is totally a chick flick).

Wired Magazine Was Almost Called Digit


As in ‘dig it’. Ugh. Luckily that never came to pass (as well as the proposed name Millennium), but what did develop was a unique publication, a magazine which addressed the real (and imagined) changes the digital world of 1s and 0s was about to have on society.

Pitched as a “…magazine that feels as if it has been mailed back from the future,” Wired presented tech news in a visual context never seen before–revolutionary, kinetic, and fluorescent colored. Since the very first issue–passed out guerrilla style at Macworld’s 1993 convention–the magazine has developed into a 20-year success story.

Adweek has a great feature on how they did it, and how they changed the way we talk about technology.

Youtube Star Michelle Phan Joins Brides


It’s all about the personalities, and Youtube’s Michelle Phan developed her’s via highly successful makeup tutorials on the video behemoth. In a move to gain traction in the digital sphere, Brides scooped up the makeup guru as publishing delves deeper into the possible riches video can offer. The move is part of an overall strategy already under way at Conde Nast, which recently launched Conde Nast Entertainment(CNE) digital channels, laying the ground work for each brand to have their own respective channel. Bride’s, as yet, has not entered the digital channel network, but this move proves that goal is on the horizon.

As part of her involvement, Phan will now produce two videos every month (promoted on both her channel and the Brides’ web site), and advertisers can opt to buy spots prior to each video, or sponsor the content itself.

Think You Can Create A Better Magazine? So Does Flipboard

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 2.28.42 PM

Flipboard has evolved, and the news reader now allows users to take bookmarked content and create their own digital magazine, which can be shared or kept private. The virtual magazine has arrived. Via Wired:

In true Flipboard style, once you’ve flipped a tweet, blog post, Instagram or anything else you want to share, the app organizes it into a browsable editorial spread, complete with a cover featuring a large lead image. You can tweak things like the cover image, if you choose, and since Flipboard added audio in May, you can even flip in music or podcasts to create a soundtrack to your magazine, a nice way to set the tone of your creation.

The app could prove to be a great avenue for advertisers to promote just about anything–building content around their product. For now, the app is IOS-only, with one in the works for Android. In the interim, Android users can still read the magazines.

image via flipboard

Time Inc. To Stand On Its Own, Can the Publisher Make It?


Michael Wolff has an interesting take. At this point, the extent (and ramifications) of poor leadership is apparent, but could the publisher emerge in the not to distant future as a viable media property? No doubt, additional magazines will be sold, and the company will need a CEO with a vision and “roll up the sleeves” attitude (and man, is that an understatement). But maybe, just maybe, there is a leader (somewhere) who is up for the challenge. Someone willing to actually be “a leader” (how many times have we seen people in the role of CEO who do nothing, run a company into the ground, then take the money and run. Ya, too many times).

Yes Time, Inc. will have a tough go of it, but the bottom line is the publisher still has successful magazines, and content–and the chance for a successful future. Now, more than ever, its up to the employees, and a new CEO, one willing to transform the publisher into a viable media company. The potential for failure looms large, but so does a chance for success.

Now Time, Inc. stands on its own–and on the precipice of truly entering the digital age for the first time. Will they grab it, or just fall in? No doubt, they’re currently the underdog in the industry.

But Americans love the success of an underdog.