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Al Jazeera To Debut August 20th–But Not Without Challenges


Via Variety: Al Jazeera America Chief Sees Challenges Ahead


Internet Week In NYC And The Future Of Media Discussion


This week is Internet Week New York (which kicked off on this past Monday, the 20th, so my apologies for the late post, but don’t fret if you’d still like to attend, events are scheduled to run until the 27th). You can find a full run down of the schedule here.

Last night Patrick Phillips, founder/editor of I Want Media, hosted the sixth annual The Future of Media panel discussion, and this year’s attendees consisted of Editor/CEO of Business Insider, Henry Blodget; CEO/CTO Salon Media Group Cindy Jeffers; Founder/CEO of Buzzfeed, Jonah Peretti; President/Co-Creator of HuffPost Live, Roy Sekoff; and CEO of the New York Times Company, Mark Thompson.

If you weren’t able to attend, a video has been posted on the I Want Media site.  Hot on the table for discussion were the topics of the value of video (how much is too much, BI’s Blodget thought HuffPo’s 12 hr. live feed is too much, and I agree), Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr, and a consensus regarding the new way people get their news (i.e. breaking news always through Twitter, and longer form–verified news–through other news sources). The good news is that there is still a place, and a need, for quality journalism in the digital age.

I thought Mark Thompson’s plans to engage subscribers of the NYTimes with various live events was very smart–both for further branding the NYT, and for recognizing the value of subscribers to further grow content (via new platforms). I believe in the digital age subscribers want to be recognized as valuable, and should be viewed as a brand’s “community,” capable of producing its own content (an idea your seeing more online news sites try to do such as Gawker and, of course, BuzzFeed).

Boxfish App Is Twitter For Your TV


I am in love with the Boxfish app, which shows a live feed of all my cable channels (categorized, such as news, sports, lifestyle), and let’s me easily peruse what I’m missing. The app even allows you to search in real-time and then changes the channel to the results as you want to view. It’s literally an index of your TV and it’s brilliant.

Donald Trump Wants To Fund Your Next ‘Big Thing’


Ok, so not really. But in a round about way, yes. ‘The Donald’ may not be flexible enough to change hairstyles, but the real estate mavin can recognize a good thing when he sees it, and he’s hot to get into the whole crowdfunding thing.

So, he’s starting up the site FundAnything, and its bound to be “huuuuge” (see, it looks like he’s even saying huuuuge above). As a matter of fact, the banner on the site features Trump with the statement “I’m giving away MONEY!” Ya, right. Tech Advisor Rachel Sklar calls BS on this:

“ seems to open with at best a misrepresentation, at worst a lie: a picture of Donald Trump with the tagline ‘I’m giving away MONEY!'” she said. “Nowhere on the site is there any indication that Donald Trump is contributing, donating, matching or otherwise giving any money to anyone. It very clearly states that you can raise money from your network, for which the site will collect a fee.”

Currently, the only people Trump has given away money to are Bill Zanker (Learning Annex Founder) and two entrepreneurs–Scott Tilson and Jeno Torocsik, all three of whom helped start FundAnything. However, Trump was scheduled to give away three suitcases today at the Trump Tower, claiming each would be filled with domino’s pizza cash (no amount disclosed), they would be handled out to an individual with a life-threatening medical problem, a business owner wiped out by Superstorm Sandy, and an aspiring singer-songwriter. Update: based on the site, it appears he has already done this.

See, everybody needs to relax, Trump is just a business man keepin’ his eye on the business.

Time For Twitter To Go Shopping?


With Melissa Mayer opening up Yahoo’s wallet, maybe it’s time for Twitter to do the same. A rundown of 7 companies that might be worth the social media giant’s time (and money). Full story here:

1. Timehop-serves as an archival service, let’s twitter users easily access posts from the past

2. Poptip-crowdsourcing opinions at your fingertips, Poptip records the answers to polls and displays a shareable results page.

3. BioIsChanged-automatically searches for changes in the bio and/or profile of twitter friends–and sends an email update with all changes.

4. Mass Relevance-the social engagement platform assists with the search and discovery of real-time content–and then displays it (tweets seen on the bottom of the tv during a program)

5. Pocket-lets users save articles for later. Formerly known as Read It Later. The service is integrated with over 300 apps, including Twitter.

6. Skylines-the world’s first search engine for real-time photos indexes over 5 million photos a day, and can display results in an easy-to-view stream on its website or mobile applications.

7. ThingLink-allows users to tag images with links. simply by hovering over an image, tagged icons appear which lead users to additional content–whether on Youtube, or SoundCloud for example–and the best part, you never have to leave Twitter.

To Summarize: This 17-Year Old Has More Money Than You Or I Will Ever See In This Lifetime


Update: Was Yahoo’s purchase a smart publicity stunt? PRNewser looks into it.

If you haven’t heard by now, Summly–the app which summarizes news stories into a shortened browsing format–has been sold to Yahoo for $30 million. And if you’ve been following Summly news, you probably know this transaction makes the 17-year old creator Nick D’Aloisio one very rich teen.

Putting aside petty jealousy, Summly has the potential to change the way we consume news. The app uses an algorithm which shortens news stories into easy to read summaries, and allows for broader–and more absorbable–news consumption. It’s smart and it makes sense, especially in the digital age of media overload.

Yahoo has been on an app shopping spree as of late, scooping up Jybe (start-up for personalized recommendations), Stamped (allows users to share favorite things), OnTheAir (allows webinars to be watched via live stream), and Snip.It (a pinterest meets news startup). They also have big plans for D’Aloisio, since they didn’t stop at just buying his app–they’re also hiring him.