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Winona Ryder Looking Amazing For Interview Magazine


Ryder recently sat down with the mag for a chat and in addition to giving good face for some pics, revealed a Casting Director once stopped her mid-audition and spit out this turd of a statement: “Listen, kid. You should not be an actress. You are not pretty enough. You should go back to wherever you came from and you should go to school. You don’t have it.”

Winona was only 15 or 16 years old at the time–if any of us remember being that age, you’re pretty impressionable. I hope that Director is somewhere collecting unemployment right now. The interview has other noteworthy items–Ryder touches on working with Gary Oldman in Dracula (who she said was “going through a hard time”), and mentions Ethan Hawke when she worked with him on Reality Bites (“I didn’t dislike him”).

I hope she accepts more roles, I’ve always been a huge fan (check her out with Cher in Mermaids, which is totally a chick flick).


Uh-Oh. Someone Beat Tyson Beckford To The “Camo” Look


So I thought I was done with my Met Gala coverage and then I saw the glory of Tyson Beckford in a camo Tux. Ummm Hmmmm. Now its my turn to give a side-eye because I hate to break it to Mr. Beckford, but a certain family in Georgia already “owns” the camo look for formal attire. Cue Mr. Beckford running into the men’s room at the gala for a good cry as he stares into the mirror and dramatically rips his coat off. Someone needs to fire their stylist.

That’s right, none other than Honey Boo Boo’s clan–Momma June and Sugar Bear got to this look first. Hater’s gonna hate. Don’t worry Ty Ty, you still have your hotness. Sooo much hotness.




Punk At This Year’s Met Gala


So the theme for this year’s Met Gala was Punk: From Chaos to Couture and some ladies just weren’t bringin’ it. I mean, black and white gowns are chic and everything, but this year’s theme was PUNK! I was surprised Gwen Stefani played it so safe, same for Katie Perry too (although I did include her pic because, she still rocked “a look.” Now Madge, of course, went there. I can’t say it was the “winning” look of the evening–but girlfriend went for it, and I can respect that. At least she wasn’t boring at a Gala that had a Punk theme! Geesh.

Click on for pics of those who took chances, or at least in Pulp’s opinion–had a look that worked for them.

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High Glamour: Vivienne Westwood Redesigns Virgin Atlantic Uniforms


The new uniforms are described by Westwood as “a traditional British look with a contemporary feel,” and influenced by ’40’s French couture and Savile Row tailoring. The uniforms can also add one additional detail as a plus–they’re eco-friendly and made from recycled materials (the polyester yarn was made from used plastic bottles).

We’ll have to wait until 2014  to see them on the runway, but a preview will be available this June. via CNBC

The King(s) Of Queens

So, while journalism’s A-list partied with the who’s who of Hollywood for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, I gracefully wiped my tears of jealousy away, and tried to bring my dvr back to life  by finally watching (and erasing) a multitude of old shows. And I’m so glad I did. In a sea of boring programming, one glittering gem stood out–and cast shade–above all the rest: “Fashion Queens.”

These Queens give out the real awards, honey.  Derek J, Miss Lawrence, and Bevy Smith had me at hello as they spilled the tea, discussed who’s ratchet, and gave out the “Gag Award” (see above). Count me in as a fan. Why these three weren’t invited to the Correspondents’ Dinner is beyond me, but God knows they would’ve slayed it, and given some serious side eye to all those stunt queens in the process. Miss Lawrence even has the most perfect song for more than a few of our politicians (and yes, I’m reading!).

So in honor of my new favorite Fashion Queens–I’ve included pics of their fabulousness below. Who wants to see all the fakery at the Correspondents’ Dinner when we have these three?

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Youtube Star Michelle Phan Joins Brides


It’s all about the personalities, and Youtube’s Michelle Phan developed her’s via highly successful makeup tutorials on the video behemoth. In a move to gain traction in the digital sphere, Brides scooped up the makeup guru as publishing delves deeper into the possible riches video can offer. The move is part of an overall strategy already under way at Conde Nast, which recently launched Conde Nast Entertainment(CNE) digital channels, laying the ground work for each brand to have their own respective channel. Bride’s, as yet, has not entered the digital channel network, but this move proves that goal is on the horizon.

As part of her involvement, Phan will now produce two videos every month (promoted on both her channel and the Brides’ web site), and advertisers can opt to buy spots prior to each video, or sponsor the content itself.