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Watch The Pentagon’s Creepy Humanoid Disaster Robot

All dressed up in a camo jumpsuit–complete with gas mask–the Pentagon’s disaster-rescue robot “PETMAN” gives me the creeps. Granted, the robot isn’t that graceful–yet, but Boston Dynamics is working on that…



Wired Magazine Was Almost Called Digit


As in ‘dig it’. Ugh. Luckily that never came to pass (as well as the proposed name Millennium), but what did develop was a unique publication, a magazine which addressed the real (and imagined) changes the digital world of 1s and 0s was about to have on society.

Pitched as a “…magazine that feels as if it has been mailed back from the future,” Wired presented tech news in a visual context never seen before–revolutionary, kinetic, and fluorescent colored. Since the very first issue–passed out guerrilla style at Macworld’s 1993 convention–the magazine has developed into a 20-year success story.

Adweek has a great feature on how they did it, and how they changed the way we talk about technology.

Could Humans Become Telepathic?


A team of scientists at Duke University successfully enabled “brain-to-brain interface” (BTBI) for the first time. Installing microelectrodes into the the brains of rats, the animals were able to exchange motor and sensory information.

The research is exciting–offering new advancements in the field of mechanical and electronically controlled devices–but also raises new moral questions regarding mind control.