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Boxfish App Is Twitter For Your TV


I am in love with the Boxfish app, which shows a live feed of all my cable channels (categorized, such as news, sports, lifestyle), and let’s me easily peruse what I’m missing. The app even allows you to search in real-time and then changes the channel to the results as you want to view. It’s literally an index of your TV and it’s brilliant.


To Summarize: This 17-Year Old Has More Money Than You Or I Will Ever See In This Lifetime


Update: Was Yahoo’s purchase a smart publicity stunt? PRNewser looks into it.

If you haven’t heard by now, Summly–the app which summarizes news stories into a shortened browsing format–has been sold to Yahoo for $30 million. And if you’ve been following Summly news, you probably know this transaction makes the 17-year old creator Nick D’Aloisio one very rich teen.

Putting aside petty jealousy, Summly has the potential to change the way we consume news. The app uses an algorithm which shortens news stories into easy to read summaries, and allows for broader–and more absorbable–news consumption. It’s smart and it makes sense, especially in the digital age of media overload.

Yahoo has been on an app shopping spree as of late, scooping up Jybe (start-up for personalized recommendations), Stamped (allows users to share favorite things), OnTheAir (allows webinars to be watched via live stream), and Snip.It (a pinterest meets news startup). They also have big plans for D’Aloisio, since they didn’t stop at just buying his app–they’re also hiring him.

‘Game of Thrones’ Android App Keeps Track Of Characters

Need assistance keeping track of all the great characters and timelines on Game of Thrones? A free “A World of Ice and Fire” app can help with that (don’t worry about spoilers either, you can set the app to where you are in the book series to keep surprising plot twists just that–surprising). The updated app features 30 new illustrations for key places and offers the ability to search for characters via their alias. A word of warning though, the app is limited to detailing just eight characters, you can upgrade (companion guides for additional books at $.99 each, or get complete access for 4.99). What the hell, I say upgrade.