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NASA Poses Question To The Public: What Should We Do About That Pesky Asteroid Problem?

So, you know budget cuts have forced some serious belt tightening everywhere…..but as if all of us aren’t working hard enough, the smarty pants at NASA finally decided to “crowd source” their knowledge and have asked for the public’s help regarding this whole asteroid thing. In particular, the scientists would like help keeping an eye on the sky to 1) spot asteroids and 2) and how to corral an asteroid (mainly, so NASA can put it in an orbit around the moon to study it. 

All joking aside, posing the question to the public can exponentially advance (or rule out ideas) faster than the scientists sitting by themselves looking at data. In particular, having additional eyes on the sky is very advantageous–both for quickly recognizing threats, and thinking about how best study it.

Want to help out humankind on a historic mission? Watch above….