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Al Jazeera To Debut August 20th–But Not Without Challenges


Via Variety: Al Jazeera America Chief Sees Challenges Ahead


The Cable Industry is Freaking Out, Building “Research Facility”


Terrified of the monster called “online video,” cable has finally woken up and seen the storm headed their way. Between customers experiencing poor service, unemployment (who wants to pay so much for something you can see on your time, on your own computer/ipad, etc.), and, of course, yearly contract disputes which cut into our viewer enjoyment, we’ve all pretty much had it.

So cable is building a research facility (is it just me, maybe it would be cheaper just to ask some of the smart guys out there, do they really need to build a facility for this?), and everyone from Time Warner to Comcast Corp will save their rainy day dollars to fly a whole bunch of execs out to the new “research” facility in Silicon Valley. Via Reuters:

Spearheaded by Louisville, Colorado-based CableLabs, a nonprofit research and development consortium established by the industry, the center hopes to work on projects with startups and established firms; hire engineers; and engage leading universities such as Stanford in experimenting on new tech.

The industry needs to “get re-energized,” said Jerald Kent, chief executive of Cequel Communications and co-founder of Charter Communications. “Part of the message is this is not your grandmother’s cable business.”

I picture this going as well as an annual Quad Graphics “the role of the printing press and the digital future” gathering.