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Apple And Twitter Expand With New Music Services


In the ongoing drive to acquire additional content/assets, both Twitter and Apple had major advancements today. Twitter acquired the edgy music service We Are Hunted, which created its very own charts based on popular songs making the rounds on blogs, social media, and even BitTorrent. Integrated into Twitter, the streaming music service will soon be available via a new Twitter app. Could this all be coming on the heels of Coachella?

Major news on Apple’s front too, as the company is also dipping their toe into the pool of profits music could offer. It’s expected Apple will sign its first internet radio liscensing agreement with both Universal and Warner Music. Talks with Sony are still ongoingThe new service has unoffically been called “iRadio” (which seems aptly names considering Apple’s fondness for “i,” which is supposedly short for internet, by the way). Apple hopes the service, allowing people to hear more music, will feed additional profits into itunes as a result.