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‘The Canyons’ Trailer

song-‘My Other Other Girl‘ by Brian Randazzo


Lindsay Decided To Show Up


Yup, talking about none other than Lindsay Lohan here, so really, no one ever really knows. I chalk this up to the magic of Charlie Cheen, this guy really is teflon, really. No drug can kill him. Truly a Lohan soulmate.

Anywhooo, Lindsay managed to show up to the Scary Movie 5 premiere (which looks so not good) but she still showed up late. This time due to a “dentist appointment,” which is quite a¬†bourgeoisie excuse if I’ve ever heard one. If girlfriend ran out of excuses, she better find another one, because “the dentist” is already taken. Am I right people? Jeez, is nothing sacred? Lohan might also want to reconsider standing directly next to the tagline for the movie.

Jokes aside, I do hope the best for her. At one point (a long….long time a go) I thought she could’ve been the next Ann Margret. I doubt chats with Charlie Cheen are going to help, but maybe, with the work of a miracle, her rehab stint will make a difference.