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Al Jazeera To Debut August 20th–But Not Without Challenges


Via Variety: Al Jazeera America Chief Sees Challenges Ahead


CNN Has Axed the Ragin’ Cajun


So “the Zuck” is in effect at CNN. And first things first: get rid of the Ragin’ Cajun.

NOOOOO! Not James Carville you say. I know, I concur. If Jeff Zucker’s goal is to get rid of any flavor at the milk toast network, he is succeeding. And to top it all off, Anderson Cooper’s show won’t even be repeated in prime time! So now he’s messing with the Silver Fox too. Is nothing sacred?

More changes to come: Erin Burnett will move to a new morning show, and things are looking good for Soledad O’Brien, who has been promised a new prime time role.

Awesome gif source: nitrohader.tumblr.com. Head over for even more Haderade (ha ha).