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Things Are About To Go Down On ‘Sons’


Sons of Anarchy returns Sept. 10th for its sixth, and final season, and it seems the show will start off with a bang. Not to be outdone by ‘Game of Thrones’ shockingly violent last episode, ‘Sons’ premiere will include a moment of violence already being labeled as “disturbing.” And mind you, this is in reference to a show about bikers–as an audience we’ve already seen some pretty disturbing scenes.

Kurt Sutter (amazing writer that he is) has written the scene not to be gratuitous, but “to show there are consequences for actions.” Uh oh.



Tribeca Film Festival Kicks Off Tomorrow

The Tribeca Film Festival starts tomorrow and runs until the 28th. Grab your tickets while you can. The festival opens with the premiere of Mistaken for Strangers, the documentary following Tom Berninger’s experiences on tour with The National, the band his brother is in. Word has it, the band will perform after the premiere.

Lindsay Decided To Show Up


Yup, talking about none other than Lindsay Lohan here, so really, no one ever really knows. I chalk this up to the magic of Charlie Cheen, this guy really is teflon, really. No drug can kill him. Truly a Lohan soulmate.

Anywhooo, Lindsay managed to show up to the Scary Movie 5 premiere (which looks so not good) but she still showed up late. This time due to a “dentist appointment,” which is quite a bourgeoisie excuse if I’ve ever heard one. If girlfriend ran out of excuses, she better find another one, because “the dentist” is already taken. Am I right people? Jeez, is nothing sacred? Lohan might also want to reconsider standing directly next to the tagline for the movie.

Jokes aside, I do hope the best for her. At one point (a long….long time a go) I thought she could’ve been the next Ann Margret. I doubt chats with Charlie Cheen are going to help, but maybe, with the work of a miracle, her rehab stint will make a difference.

Marilyn Manson Knows How To Make An Exit

Attention all two-bit magicians: Marilyn Manson has your cloud of smoke trick down.

That’s right, Burt Wonderstone got nothing on MM. The OG of Goth showed everybody how its done while making a daring escape from the L.A. after-party for the Spring Breakers premiere. Utilizing a smoke bomb, Marilyn darted quickly into the back of a waiting car–leaving the dazed photogs wondering what just happened.

If he got this smoke bomb crap at Hot Topic, he needs to share, cause we could all use the benefits of this disappearing trick. Imagine your artful escape from family reunions, bridal showers, or anything annual _____ (you fill in the blank).

Seriously. He might be on to something.