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Quote Of The Day


Men and Women Are Probably Equally Likely to Be Shopaholics

Eleanor Barkhorn – The Atlantic. Hope that guy finds the shirt he’s looking for.


E-Commerce And The Future Of Retail


Speaking of robot domination, Business Insider has a fascinating slideshow illustrating the future of retail–one which includes a robotic staff.

This sounds very Jane Jetson–but we’re already seeing the effects of mobile technology on the humble cash register–and it’s getting harder to find one in stores. Nordstrom, for instance, has employees equipped with devices capable of swiping a clients card from anywhere in the store, eliminating the need for a centralized register, and making the entire transaction less intimidating (afterall, without a clunky register, spending money becomes increasingly easier, almost dangerously so) Below are more effects we could be seeing as retail deals with e-commerce, mobile technology, and the rise of the digital wallet.

Physical Stores will become the place where consumers interact with the brand, while offering access to digital advantages similar to online: smart shelves will eliminate check out lines, and GPS will direct consumers to the exact location of the item. As mentioned above, some stores have already utilized a robotic staff. Hointer is one example, where the smartphone and the stores app comes into play–merchandise can be moved automatically to a specified fitting room (via a shoot) for an individual–even adding different sizes into the fitting room should the previous ones selected not fit. That’s pretty awesome.

Adjustable Show Rooms3D scans of your own home make the decision process easier, and illustrate how products will look in the home.