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Time For Twitter To Go Shopping?


With Melissa Mayer opening up Yahoo’s wallet, maybe it’s time for Twitter to do the same. A rundown of 7 companies that might be worth the social media giant’s time (and money). Full story here:

1. Timehop-serves as an archival service, let’s twitter users easily access posts from the past

2. Poptip-crowdsourcing opinions at your fingertips, Poptip records the answers to polls and displays a shareable results page.

3. BioIsChanged-automatically searches for changes in the bio and/or profile of twitter friends–and sends an email update with all changes.

4. Mass Relevance-the social engagement platform assists with the search and discovery of real-time content–and then displays it (tweets seen on the bottom of the tv during a program)

5. Pocket-lets users save articles for later. Formerly known as Read It Later. The service is integrated with over 300 apps, including Twitter.

6. Skylines-the world’s first search engine for real-time photos indexes over 5 million photos a day, and can display results in an easy-to-view stream on its website or mobile applications.

7. ThingLink-allows users to tag images with links. simply by hovering over an image, tagged icons appear which lead users to additional content–whether on Youtube, or SoundCloud for example–and the best part, you never have to leave Twitter.